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This is an excellent opportunity to work with students, designers and professionals to develop their creative potential and gain a deeper understanding of sustainable alternatives for the contemporain fashion and textile industry. Designing with a conscience, being responsible and ressourceful to contribute to a better world.


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  - - - Keep Wearing

Textile Surface + Garment Workshop with Aurore Thibout  and Laurence Teillet. Comtemporary Textile Studio Co-op in Toronto, Canada.

Rethinking the transformative power and beauty of cloth recycling, combining traditional methods and skills with a contemporary artistic vision. 

Experimenting, exploring, manipulating the materials, finding new ways...

Project by Vanessa Mardirossian.


- - - Wool it

Masterclass with Aurore Thibout and Laurence Teillet for the Art of Fashion Foundation, Art Institute of California in San Francisco, USA. 

Reworked second hand jumper with wool yarns,

project by Miha Cirlugea. Photo: M Moritz.

Fashion show at the Bentley Reserve, San Francisco.

Reused cardigans with wired felt wool dress,

project by Lan Lan. Photo: M Moritz.

Fashion show at the Bentley reserve, San Francisco.


- - - Made in Clothes

Masterclass by Aurore Thibout and Laurence Teillet for the Art of Fashion Foundation, Musée des Arts Décoratifs de Paris, France. 


Rethinking the process of making clothes

research - experiments

deconstruct / reconstruct - up cycle   recompose - recreate...


'Made in Clothes' Students works

Exhibition, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris.

- - - Illusion


Masterclass by Aurore Thibout and Laurence Teillet for the Art of Fashion foundation, Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA.

Fashion & Surface Design

Experimental Printing Techniques

Optical and Grafic Effects

Vibration - Pleats - Folding - Unfolding

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