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Textile research

Reusing waste materials to experiment, refine and develop other kind of fabrics and imagine new possibilities for clothing.

Re-use my manifesto! A design strategy to re-use second hand textiles. Reworking clothing items, in collaboration with Oxfam, to participate in the reduction of fashion post-consumer waste.

Developed for my Master of Arts in Textile Design, this manifesto is still a source of ideas for me, creative solutions and reusing methodologies that can be enriched through future projects and investigations:


''In my work, I consider the world as a 'Bric-a-Brac' which contains fragments of the universe where everything connects. I collect the waste produced from consumer society. I select, I classify, I repair, I rework, I assemble, I effectively re-use these materials to extend their lives.''


As a designer-maker working with re-use & upcycling, how can I contribute to challenge today's consumer attitudes, distorted as they are by the capitalist model of growth and the primacy of the market? Through workshops based on the interactivity between makers and users experimenting together with the stages of re-use above. Through a different philosophy of thinking and living, consumers can be enabled to be more responsible and in control of their actions. They can become contributors, who are empowered to influence change through the choices that they make, to solve the current environmental problems we are facing.

Re-use my manifesto - Extracts

'In, the inside'

Layers of materials, strata to create a new type of textile - full - empty - light - heavy

Adding some thickness to a garment to warm a definite part of the body

Cutting through the thickness of the fabric to discover its relief 

Opening seams to reveil the inside

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