'Garment Party' Happening

Experimenting tool to generate ideas and creative solutions to design from Fashion and Textiles Waste. Playing with clothes and bodies, thinking of new ways of using garments to challenge the chaos of material accumulation.

Photos from 'The Garment Party' Happening by Laurence Teillet.

DSAA École Duperré Paris,1996.

Selfridges Mayfair London,1998.

- - - The Context

In a consumer society that pushes mass production for mass consumption, the proliferation of cheap and low quality goods makes for material accumulation.

We buy, store, and then throw away.

 The Issue

Mananing waste through re-circulation, re-cycling and re-using.

How to deal with surplus? What is the designer's responsabilty?

To find ideas for changing consumers attitudes; to be conscious of consumption.

Also, to think about new ways of using garments to overturn established codes, customs and traditions.

A search for solutions

The Garment Party.

A collection of games to play with the 'excess'.

- - - Accumulation

Superimposition - layers - strata - sculpting new volumes with the accumulation of clothes on the body.

Photos from 'The Garment Party' Happening by Laurence Teillet.

- - - Substitution

Wearing clothes in unusual ways, disturbing the order: Inside out - upside down - front to back - substituting roles...

 New possibilities emerge from the absurd to the unexpected.

Photos from 'The Garment Party' at Selfridges London by Laurence Teillet.

- - - Sharing

Two or more people dress in one garment, becoming one body; they connect their clothes together;

 their garments become a meeting place, a space to live in.

Photos from 'The Garment Party' at Selfridges London by Laurence Teillet.

- - - Over Dressing up


Modifying the body shapes, new volumes are emerging...

Model: Sabine Breynaert

Photos from 'The Garment Party' Happening by Laurence Teillet.

- - - Total Look


All dressed up with trousers.

- - - Rethinking how to use clothes

Garment rendez vous

Connecting clothes together to create one garment. The clothes are complementing each other to imagine a new function by exchanging roles.


1 white shirt + 1 orange anorak + 1 white shirt =  a very warm transparent white shirt with an orange hood and a zip.


A dress made to measure

All in One


A jacket  + a dress made to measure = a warm translucent dress to get all dressed up in one movement.


The white translucent material subtly reveals the jacket inside. Slits are cut to keep on using the jacket's pockets.

By containing the jacket in itself, the dress provides a new space for the jacket to be worn in a different way.

Dialogue of 2 pieces of clothing in1, interconnecting their attributes.


Shirts and jacket together

Reusing as many clothes as possible

1 white shirt + 1 blue shirt + 1 checked shirt + 1 yellow shirt + 1 red shirt + 1 striped shirt + 1 green shirt + 1 jacket 


= a special jacket incorporating a shirt with multiple collars. 


- - - Illustratrions

Collage, montage, layers, repetition, superimposition, juxtaposition, interconnection...

Inspired from the Garment party